I want to give you guys whatever I can to help you succeed. We just finished up the Whole Life Challenge and it was great! As we grow and you progress, some of you have been inquiring about additional services. I’m open to hearing about anything you guys would want. If we can find enough people to do it, I’ll roll it out!

As I meet with more members, we’ve been offering some additional options. Here are some examples to give you some ideas if you’re looking for more…

Skill Sessions

Yolantrice has been with me since before we opened. She’s made tons of progress and can now do handstands, deadlift close to 200lb, and has added some muscle bumps to her arms, legs, and back! But she wanted to work on her arm strength a little more specifically. Yes, it comes up in the workouts, but she wanted more.

Yolantrice comes in twice a month for 30 minutes. She gets homework to do during the week. 

Custom Programming

We all know Kyle hits every workout as hard as possible! He just shows what that hard work does by shaving nearly 15 minutes off his Glen time!! But recently he took a couple steps back to deal with some nagging injuries. During this time, he was having a trouble doing a lot of the movements commonly programmed in our workouts. Recognizing that he couldn’t simply scale most of the movements, he came in for a meeting.

Kyle gets custom programming to allow him to work around his physical therapy while getting ready for the open. 

Ongoing Personal Training

Rachel had never lifted weights before she started at Driller. She wanted to improve her strength and skill in the olympic lifts as quickly as possible and knew that personal training would be best.

Rachel comes in every Wednesday night after her 12 work shift. We progress her bench press variation slightly each time and take time to practice her olympic lifts each time. 

Do you want more?

The group classes are great and can lead to a very high level of fitness. They are, by definition, constantly varied, which is ideal for “training for life” like we do. But if you want to work on something specific like a certain lift, a skill like olympic lifting or rope climbing,  or are just looking for more, stay after class and we can set up a 15 minute meeting to set up a plan of action.

P.S. I’m working out a way to layer more programming on top of our group classes in preparation for the CrossFit open. Details to come.