Tulsa is full of fitness options. With bootcamps, yoga, boxing, and CrossFit affiliates, you should be able to find something to fit your needs. Each has a different focus and methodology. Here is what separates Driller CrossFit from all the rest.

Capped Classes

The number one thing that separates CrossFit from other fitness methodologies is our dedication to mastery of skills.

We lay our skills out in progressions so everyone from beginner to our most advanced athletes are challenged.

Rope climbs, pull-ups, and 40 other movements follow systematic progression levels like the one above, so you can be safe while getting fit and challenged at your own developmental level. This type of system requires coaching.

And coaching means attention.

Our weekday classes will never have more than 10 athletes to a coach. This allows a coach to spend equal time with each member to foster improvement in technique and skill.

As a member of Driller CrossFit, you will get coached by a coach every single day. 

No Rapid Growth Gimmicks

Our current members are our #1 priority.

It’s common in our industry for gyms to run cut-rate promotional programs to get a rapid influx of new members.

While nice for the bottom line, this is at the detriment of loyal members.

Instead of chasing money, we are committed to chasing excellence. We plan to grow from getting our members amazing results from sound workout programming, professional coaching and close and meaningful relationships.

You will never be cast aside to make room for discounted trial members who monopolize the coaching you pay for. 

Hybrid Memberships

Constant goal-setting and improvement is the key to long term adherence and success.

We needed a way to insure our coaches maintained such close relationships with our members that goals could be discussed and worked on on a regular basis.

All of our memberships include some aspect of personal training. Whether you meet with your personal coach once a quarter or once a week, you’ll be able to voice your concerns, aspirations, goals and have ample opportunity to work on them.

As a Drill-Bit, you’ll meet 1-on-1 with a coach regularly to insure you’re on the correct path toward reaching your goals.

Professional Coach Development and Wages

As a member of the Madlab Business Group, we have access to the Professional Coaching Development Program. The PCDP requires all coaches to pass handwritten and video tests to prove their proficiency before coaching any members. And the Madlab system compensates coaches in a way that encourages them to stick around.

Your fitness is important! And we commend you for taking action and thank you for trusting us with your body’s development. The worst thing we could do is pay our coaches bare-bones wages and not invest in their development. This would lead to high coach turnover and low quality coaching. Both put you at risk for injury.

Members of Driller CrossFit will never be coached by a under-qualified and under-paid coach. We hire real, professional coaches. 


Do you need a coach?

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or have been at this for awhile, you need a coach. Someone in your corner and ready to fight for you, inspire you, work with you, and treat you with respect.

Let’s take it slow.

Our first step is a sit down meeting. We want to start our life-long relationship by actually sitting down and listening to you.

Email me at [email protected] or call me at (918)516-8614 to get started.